1 Stainless Steel Dispenser + 1 Case (4 rolls) Zoom Evolution Wipes

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Stainless Steel Dispenser

Our stainless steel dispensers are the ultimate dispensing system for your facility. These dispensers are very attractive and represent the highest quality in dispensing. They will make an immediate impression on your clients. We offer these dispensers at fantastic price points, and we look forward to being able to outfit your facility with our stainless steel dispensers; each unit comes individually wrapped with a supplied pail.

Zoom Evolution Wipes

Our Zoom Evolution Wipes have been created with a first class substrate of 45 gsm. This is one of the heaviest cloths used in the industry. We have ensured that no bleach, alcohol or phenols are used in our wipes to ensure that they are safe for use on all non porous surfaces. We have used a pleasant citrus fragrance that will leave your surface areas smelling fresh. (800 count per bag. Two bags per container.)

  • 800 wipes per roll, 6 x 8 inches.
  • 4 rolls per case, 36 cases per pallet.