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Our Stainless Steel Desktop Dispenser is perfect for front office spaces, call centers, hospital areas, waiting areas. Our Stainless Steel Desktop Dispenser aka Wet Wipes Dispenser keeps the Cleaning Wipes Wet and Fresh. Each Wet Wipe dispenser comes individually packed. These are very attractive units that are attractive as well as durable. 

  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: All parts are heavy gauge Stainless Steel.

  • FITS WIPES ON ROLLS (SOLD SEPARATELY): Including our Zoom Wipes and most of wipes rolls.

  • MODERN & STYLISH DESIGN STAINLESS STEEL DESIGN: A sleek, stylish dispenser that is sturdy and ideal weighing 4 lbs, which is perfect to be used for any facility, including fitness clubs, schools, daycares, residential & commercial properties, and health care facilities.

  • EASY TO REFILL: Conveniently fits most ‘wipe on a roll’ products (up to 9.75” diameter), including hand sanitizing wipes and surface disinfecting wipes - WIPES SOLD SEPARATELY Check (Zoom Wipes)

  • EASY TO DISPENSE SHEETS OF WIPESNew and improved silicone dispensing nozzle for convenience and ease of use.

  • AIRTIGHT, REMOVABLE WIPE-HOLDING BUCKET: Indestructible thick plastic can with a tight seal to prevent cleaning solution evaporation and keeping wet wipes moist and fresh.

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