Careers: Join The Team

Careers: Join The Team

We are a very fast paced company dedicated to bringing our clients the very best experience in the market. ZOOM is constantly expanding its operation as demand continues to increases. 

Creating High Impact

We pride ourselves in being a small team thats nimble and fast. Listening to challenges and taking them head-on. Making quick decisions to benefit our clients. 


Work From Anywhere

With five satellite locations around the country, and still growing, we offer fully flexible working. Working from shared office space or at home in your pajamas, we support whatever conditions allow you to do your best work. 


Flexible Hours

Make income in your sleep. As long as you are exceeding the clients needs and hitting team goals, your hours are flexible. 


Open Positions

Hiring Sales Reps

ZOOM sales reps are the best in the market. No need to go and see customers, we focus on phone and online communications. Which means that you can work from anywhere in the country as long as you are accommodating to our clients timezone. We train on all our products, processes and make sure you are set up for success. 

Interested in becoming a ZOOM sales rep?

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