• Thank you for increasing my bottom line!!!

    - James Seres,
    Gym Owner

  • I've been ordering ZoomWipes by the truckload for over six years. Always on time and on point, which is good because my customers gobble this stuff up!

    - Jim Stuart,
    Janitorial Company VP

  • Far more durable than I was expecting for the low price. Literally 30% cheaper than my last product. I'll be back next month.

    - Amy West,
    Small Business Owner

  • Your pricing is better and shipping is faster :)

    - Janet Boxwell,
    Small Business Owner

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12+ Years Serving Government, Military, Education, Sanitation, Medicine, Fitness, and Home...

  • Free Shipping

    Zoom Wipes ship free! Our distribution hubs in CA, TX, FL, and NY can deliver quickly, no matter the distance or volume!

  • No Taxes

    We cover the tax bill on all orders, big or small. It's just one of the many ways we try to make this process as simple as possible. 

  • High Quality

    These are strong wipes with utility in mind. The idea is to deliver a high quality product so you come back for more... and more.

  • Low Prices

    No corporate skyscrapers here. Our modest office with low overhead means we can charge far less than the competition.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're strongly incentivized to keep our clients happy so they reorder. That's why we built the best possible product and service pipeline we could. But if we ever let you down, just say the word, and you'll recieve a full refund minus the shipping. It doesn't matter how large the order was or how long ago you placed it, we're here to make things right.

Return Policy

EPA Certified

Our Evolution Wipes are EPA Registered to kill COVID-19, MRSA, STAPH, H1N1, HIV-1, and over 40 other pathogens in less than 10 seconds. Alcohol, bleach, and phenol-free. Suitable for use on all nonporous surfaces.

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Personalized Customer Care

Question? Concern? Unique circumstance? No problem! Call or email us and we'll help solve the situation!

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We'll cover the tax and shipping.

You only pay for the product!

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