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Quick Sanitizing "Active" Wipes Case

Quick Sanitizing "Active" Wipes Case

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Function: Sanitize 
Wipe size: 8"x5.5"
Wipes per roll: 1,500
Rolls per case: 4
Total wipes: 6,000
Made In: USA
Shipping: FREE

Zoom Active Wipes are thinner than our other wipe options, but you get nearly 2x the number of wipes in your rolls while still being incredibly strong. 

As some of the best wipes for simple tasks, our Active wipes will easily sanitize and clean your dirty surfaces.

All of our wipes are free of alcohol, bleach, and phenol!

Safe on sensitive gym equipment, cell phones, cash registers, credit card machines, and many more items.

Intended for sanitizing gyms, spas, schools, studios, high traffic areas, casinos, and more. 

Subscription orders are available at an added discount. Please call 442-206-8200. 

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

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