Cleaning Wipes

Zoom Wipes Plus has been created with one of the heaviest cloths used in the industry and a first-class substrate (45 gsm). Including a fresh citrus fragrance that will leave your surface areas smelling clean. We also ensure that no bleach, alcohol, or phenols are used in our cleaning wipes to ensure that they are safe for use on all non-porous surfaces.

Zoom Products are the best quality products at the most affordable price, We have the best Gym Wipes, Best Infectant Wipes, Best Alcohol Wipes, Best Hand Sanitizing Wipes. Our Zoom Wipes works the best in maintaining your hygiene. We guarantee that our Wipes are disinfectant, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. Our Alcohol Wipes has a pleasant citrus fragrance which will leave the area's surface pretty cool.

Zoom Products are EPA APPROVED Wipes and FDA APPROVED WIPES to kill MRSA, STAPH, H1N1, HIV-1, and over 40 other pathogens in less than 10 seconds.