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Stainless Steel Standing Dispenser

Stainless Steel Standing Dispenser

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Material: Solid stainless steel
Height: 36"
Exterior Diameter: 14"
Internal Diameter for Wipes: 13"
Door Latch: Magnetic
5 Gallon Trash Bin: Included
Mounting: Floor
Lid: Pull-off
Shipping: FREE

Our stand-up floor dispenser is made of solid stainless steel and comes with a trash bin at the bottom for your waste. These dispensers have a premium feel and will make an immediate impression on your clients. Plus they conveniently fit most ‘wipe on a roll’ products, including all Zoom Wipes! We offer these dispensers at a fantastic price point, compare it against anyone else on the market. You'll usually find these between $200-300 plus shipping. 

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