Guide for Installing Wet Wipes Dispenser

Guide for Installing Wet Wipes Dispenser

Providing wet wipes is absolutely necessary to ensure the hygienic conditions in a workplace, healthcare facility, or gym. An easy, simple, and convenient way to make wet wipes accessible to all in a facility is to install wet wipes dispensers around it.

If you own a gym, you must be aware of the fact that it is a place that favors the growth of harmful bacteria, germs, and even mold and mildew. You must provide your staff and clients with top-quality disinfectant wipes, which helps in cleaning the body off of harmful germs.

By placing wet wipes dispenser in your facility, you can keep it spotless and keep the germs at bay at all times, providing your clients with a healthy and safe environment. There are different types of wet wipes dispenser that you can find in the market. You can purchase counter top dispensers, standing dispensers, and wall-mounted dispensers.

You can simply place the counter-top dispensers around your facility but if you have limited space, then choosing the wall-mounted dispensers is the perfect option for you. This wall-mounted solution helps in saving space and are durable.

Purchased gym wipes dispensers but does not know how to install it? If you are planning to do-it-yourself, you can use this guide and easily install wet wipes dispenser around your facility.

Step 1: Preparing to Install the Wipe Dispenser

Before you start installing the gym wipes dispenser, you must prepare yourself. The first thing you need to do is to gather the tools that you will need to install the dispenser properly. The essential tools you will need is a drill machine, marking pen, measuring tape, and a small table.

To install the dispenser, you will have to dill holes in the wall at a height that is suits your facility. To measure the height, you will require a measuring tape and a marking pen to mark the exact spot where you want to drill a hole.

Step 2: Measuring and Marking

The first step to install the wipes dispenser is to measure the exact height where you wish to install the dispensers. Using a measuring tape to mark the exact spots where you want to drill the holes. Make sure the height is suitable for the staff and the clients. The most appropriate height to mount the dispenser is 48inches from the ground.

There are two options available for mounting. You can either use the two central holes or four holes in the corners. If you want to save time and complete the task quickly, you can simply drill two holes. But if you want to mount it firmly, drilling four corner holes is the smartest option.

Measure the dimensions of the dispenser and the spacing between the holes on it. You must drill holes according to the spacing of holes on the dispenser.

Step 3: Opening and Mounting the Dispenser

You will get a key with the dispenser that you can use to open the dispenser. By opening the dispenser, you can excess the interior back which will help in easily mounting the dispenser. After you are done with mounting, you can place the wipes and close it.

You can easily mount the gym dispensers to the walls using this simple guide. You can purchase the best gym wipes and dispensers at the best price possible from Zoom Wipes!


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