Wipe Dispensers

Stainless Steel Dispenser

Our Stainless Steel Dispenser is the ultimate dispensing system for your facility. These dispensers are very attractive and represent the highest quality in dispensing. They will make an immediate impression on your clients. We offer these dispensers at fantastic price points, and we look forward to being able to outfit your facility with our stainless steel dispensers; each unit comes individually wrapped with a supplied pail.

- Large Stability Base

- High Capacity Built-in Trash Bin

- Easy Access DoorIncludes Wipe Bucket

- 36" x 14", Circumference: 41.75"

SKU: 183266

Not currently available for retail sales. 

Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Dispenser

Our Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Dispenser is ideal for front office spaces, call centers, or for small hospital areas, waiting areas and spas. Each dispenser come individually packed. These are very attractive units that are durable and easy to maintain.  

SKU: 198607

Not currently available for retail sales. 

Stainless Steel Desktop Dispenser

Our Stainless Steel Desktop Dispenser are ideal for front office spaces, call centers, or for small hospital areas, waiting areas and spas. Each counter top dispenser come individually packed. These are very attractive units that are durable. 

SKU: 198307

Not currently available for retail sales.

Wall-Mounted Dispenser

The units we work with are easy to attach to a wall, and are an effective way of dispensing wipes in areas with limited floor space. Each unit is individually packed and shipped. Our wall mounted units have the ability to be adjusted to dispense from 1 to 3 sheets per pull. We highly recommend that you set up the system to be upward pulling.

13.3" x 9.6", Diameter: 9.43 inches

SKU: 183288

Not currently available for retail sales. 

Cleaning Wipes Empty Pail

Empty extra strength Disinfecting Wipes Pail can hold up disinfecting wipes (sold separately). Unlike other dispensers, this pail's lightweight design means it can quickly and easily be moved to meet changing demands.

Six (6) pails per order 

SKU: 195664

Not currently available for retail sales. 

13 Years of Business

We've proudly supplied wipes to hundreds of different brands, departments, and facilities since 2011. To all our customers past and present, thank you for your trust! It's always an honor to help you clean up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why switch to Zoom Wipes?

Our wipes are the same quality (if not better!) than whatever brand you're currently using...but at a noticeably lower price point. The Zoom Wipes business was designed with minimizing overhead; allowing us to pass along the monetary savings to our customers. We only cut back on our costs though and never on quality! We're a California-based company that manufactures wipes in New York that have to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In such a strict circumstance, it would be impossible for us to deliver a cheap or questionable product and stay in business. Perhaps a client would buy low quality wipes once, but they would certainly never return. Instead, we're strongly motivated to deliver a top-tier product at an unbeatable price so you keep coming back for more.

Who can I call or text?

You're always welcome to call or text, 24/7 @ 442-206-8200. If we can't answer immediately, then we will return the call or text as soon as possible.

Does shipping take long?

We process all orders within 24hrs, including orders placed over the weekend and most holidays. Our shipping hubs work M-F and are located in CA, NY, FL, and TX. Based on your distance from the closest hub, we can get to anywhere in the continental USA between 1-5 business days. If you're located within the state of one of our hubs, the wait time is generally just 1-2 days. Individual orders are fulfilled by FedEx and larger pallet orders are done through our rolodex of trucking partners.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Absolutely! Give us a shout and we'll quote you with our lowest pricing possible. The more you buy, the more you save. We regularly sell pallets of wipes (36 cases) and whole truckloads (26 pallets).

Is shipping really FREE?!

We ship for free via FedEx anywhere in the 48 states. Pallet orders are also free, but only to commercially-registered addresses that can receive a large truck. Orders to Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, and Canada are possible though and shipping can be coordinated transparently with no markup.

Where is ZOOM WIPES located?

We're proud to be an American small business! Our main operation is based in sunny San Diego California, with additional warehouse hubs in Texas, Florida, and New York!

Where are ZOOM WIPES made?

All of our wipes are made in the USA! New York to be specific. This way, you can always expect high quality with no interruption to your supply chain!

Sanitize vs. Disinfect?

Sanitizing means you'll be able to clean and deodorize. The term Disinfecting is reserved only for products that have been EPA certified to kill germs and pathogens. We offer both functions.

Can I get a free samples?

Sure thing! We'd be happy to send you a free sample. Give Anthony a call at 442-206-8200.