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Germs -

Did you know that there are more germs on a shopping cart than on a toilet seat? *Avg. number of bacteria found on: Shopping Cart up to 1,100,000 Sink Drain 500,000 Floor 5,600 Paper Towel Handle 2,200 Toliet Seat 1,180 Flush Handle 510 * University of Arizona -Bacterial Contamination of Shopping Carts

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About Zoom Wipes -

Zoom was created in 2011 after seeing a gap in the market for first class quality wipes that were locally produced, with fast delivery, and all at an unbeatable price. We recognized that other providers were not offering the very best value to the market. In addition to our quality products and great pricing we have prided ourselves on a highly personalized service. All Zoom Wipe products are sourced locally in the USA, with five satellite locations, and growing, you benefit from faster shipping (typically delivering within two days). No shipping across country means an overall greener footprint.  Made 100% in the USA. Guaranteed...

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